Makeup Tutorial – Emo Scenester Punk Makeup Look


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Click here to watch my Emo Scenester Punk Makeup Tutorial

I actually wore this exact same makeup and costume to my friend’s emo themed birthday party a couple of years ago and have been itching to film this tutorial! That’s the problem with me – too many ideas and too little time (and a little too lazy at times!)



This look is fierce, but also cute at the same time. Key characteristics are a pale, matte face, light brows and nude lips. The main focus of the makeup is on the dramatic eyes. The bright pink eyeshadow provides contrast to the heavy black liner, and that is also what adds the ‘cute’ feel. The glitter liner on the lower lashline and the use of both top and bottom false eyelashes helps to draw attention to the eyes.

The overall look is influenced by different cultures and styles. including emo, scene, punk and J-Pop/J-Rock. I’ll briefly talk about each below.



Influences – dark eye makeup, dark mullet hairstyle and nude lips



Influences – Bright hair streaks, cute hair and jewellery



Influences – Black printed singlet, tartan skirt and dark nails



Influences – this is more of an overall feel than a direct influence


When I attended my friend’s emo themed birthday, my good friend Allan (who also happens to be a hair whiz) turned my usually flat, straight hair into an amazing mullet. But I didn’t have Allan’s magic hair skills when I filmed the tutorial, so at first I was at a loss as to how to get the mullet hairstyle.

Then I had a lightbulb moment – ‘fake it until you make it’. I dug out the short black wig that I used to film my Harry Potter tutorial and Ga-in Irreversible tutorial and popped it over my long black hair and turned it into an instant mullet! I admit I was very proud of myself.

I also clipped a neon pink hair extension to one side of my hair – totally matches my eye makeup!


Luckily I managed to find my full outfit and all the accessories that I worn to my friend’s birthday all those years ago (didn’t think it would happen as I lose things all the time!)


And tadaa! Here my full costume! My singlet and skirt are both from Supre, while my all my hair accessories and jewellery were from Diva. Finished off with a pair of cute black and pink knee high socks and black Converse Chucks.


This is a great look if you too, ever attend an emo themed party (I admit this is one of the weirder dress up themes my friends and I have had) I would LOVE to go to Japan and walk around wearing this makeup and outfit and totally fit in!

What do you think of this look? Are you a fan of emo/scene/punk culture? Let me know below!

– Miss Pixie Lulu


Makeup Tutorial – Illamasqua ‘Theatre of the Nameless’ Look


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Ever since I saw the promo images for Illamasqua’s ‘Theatre of the Nameless’ makeup collection last year, I was enthralled! The makeup was so theatrical, avant garde and nothing I’ve ever seen before – I knew I just had to recreate it.

But I knew this look was going to be a challenge, as the lines are just so precise and perfect (steady hands are a must!) Indeed it did turn out to be the most difficult makeup look I’ve ever done!

After applying a very pale foundation, I concealed my eyebrows using the gluestick method I learned from petrilude (I’ve yet to perfect this!) After that, grab your black liquid liner pen and start drawing on your face!

I roughly marked out the lines using a white eyeliner first and then tracing over it with the black. As my lines weren’t perfectly even, I always cleaned up around the lines using concealer and a concealer brush.

The rest of the eye makeup was quite simple – a shimmery white eyeshadow on the lids, black liner on the top and white liner on the lower waterline, and a pair of dramatic false eyelashes.

I finished off with a bright pink blush and fuchsia lips (lined with black liner of course!)

Although it’s in no way a wearable look, it’s alot of fun to do and can be a unique look to wear to a fancy dress party. I’d love to do more tutorials like this in the future!

What do you think of this look? Would you try it out?

– Miss Pixie Lulu

Roseanne’s Farewell Meet Up


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Last Saturday, myself and my other Melbournian Youtube friends – Karla (karlacosmetica), Alee (Aleesang), Angela (AddictionToShopping), Daniel and Gaetano (allboutdaniel) attended Roseanne’s (roseannetangrs) farewell meet up.

We all met for the first time last year and have since become good friends and even did a big Halloween ‘Alice in Wonderland’ collab together!

Roseanne recently graduated from the University of Melbourne and is heading back to Singapore for good (*sob*!) so she organised this farewell meet up for her blogger and Youtube friends, as well as some of her lucky fans!

The meet up was held at the upstairs rooms of Koko Black, a cozy chocolate boutique and cafe. It was a great place for everyone to catch up while enjoying chocolate treats such as choc mud cake and ice-cream.


At the event, Roseanne also launched her brand new jewelery line – roseannetangrs Jewelery (stay tuned for the launch of her online store!). There were various roseannetangrs Jewelery pieces placed around the room, from beautiful statement necklaces to dainty earrings and rings. The pieces are not only beautiful, but Roseanne will also be using some of the profits to support various charities, hence ‘Jewelery Made to Change the World’.


Roseanne generously gave everyone goodie bags and a piece of her jewelery. I loved so many of the pieces but settled on this gorgeous bow ring (I love anything with bows!)


I also got to catch up with the lovely Shizuka, a friend and beauty blogger. If you haven’t already, you must check out her blog heartofpearl!


I also had the privilege to meet some of my wonderful subscribers at the event – a shoutout to Beatrice, Stephanie, Lynne, Nhi and Vernessa! Thank you all for coming up and talking to me, I loved meeting you all!


Time goes by fast when you’re having fun, so before long it was time to go! But we made sure to take lots of photos together (you can never have too many photos!)


It’s always sad when a friend leaves for good but this is definitely not goodbye. Roseanne, I wish you the very best in all your endeavours! You are such an inspirational and aspirational young woman and I know you will continue to do great things in the future! We will miss you ♥

– Miss Pixie Lulu

Makeup Tutorial – Candy Rainbow Eyes


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I’ve had the idea for this tutorial in my head for ages and have finally been able to film it. This is the perfect makeup look for spring and summer because of its bright colours, but also great to wear on a cold and dreary day to add some cheer!

Rainbows are fascinating things and never fails to extract an excited gasp from me whenever I see it sweeping across the sky. There is something about it that is just so magical and beautiful (no wonder the Double Rainbow Dude freaked out – it’s just so intense!!)

I wanted to capture the enchanting colours of the rainbow on my eyes and I wanted to keep the whole look soft and cute – hence the name ‘Candy Rainbow’. I used pink eyeshadow instead of red as red is a bit too harsh. I then simply followed the order of the rainbow and applied a matching eyeshadow shade to a different section of my eye, making sure I blended each colour into the next.

For the rest of my face, I used a Barbie pink blush on my cheeks (applying sparingly) and a mineral illuminiser to highlight my cheeks and the bridge of my nose.

For my lips, I mixed together two of my OCC Lip Tars – Interlace (subtle peach neutral) and Trollop (pink cranberry coral) This resulted in a gorgeous soft pink lipcolour, which I applied with a lipbrush.

Watch out for my review on Lip Tars sometime soon cos I’m totally obsessed with them!

And finishing off the post with some photos of my colourful rainbow nails! It’s a fun, quirky way to add some pops of colour.

A simple white shirt like the one I’m wearing complements the makeup nicely. With this look, make sure you keep the colours in your outfit to a minimum so that it doesn’t take the focus away from your rainbow eyes.

What did you think of this Candy Rainbow makeup look? Where would you wear this look to? When was the last time you saw a rainbow? Let me know below!

– Miss Pixie Lulu

Makeup Tutorial – Jungle Fever Makeup Look


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I seem to say this at the start of all my recent posts but…sorry for the lack of updates! Guess my previous promise of getting organised didn’t work (sigh!) but I really did have a crazy couple of weeks. I was interstate (Gold Coast and Sydney) two weekends in a row so it was difficult to find time to film or blog 😦

Now getting right into talking about the makeup look! I actually wore this makeup to a birthday party last year and have been meaning to turn it into a tutorial for long time now. This glam makeup look is inspired by the colours of the leopard and coincidentally, goes perfectly with leopard print clothing!

Because this is a dramatic look, I used a darker colour to define my brows. Make sure you prime your eyes well for this look as you want the shimmery eyeshadow colours to really show up strongly. I used shades of gold, bronze and shimmery brown on my lids and lined my eyes with a black gel liner (with a dramatic wing at the end) and also I added a pair of full false lashes. I used a matte beige blush to contour my cheeks and I also contoured my nose for more definition. I finished off the look with carefully applied raspberry lipstick (I used raspberry instead of red because I found red to be too bright)

I also added a fun little fashion segment in this video by showing how to style 3 leopard print pieces – a dress, skirt and top.

I personally love leopard print (I even have a leopard print Snuggie!) because I feel that it can add instant glam and sexiness.

The key to pulling off leopard print is to keep the whole look balanced. Too much leopard print can make you look…well, like a leopard. Although I can probably get away with this crazy outfit in Japan…hmmmmmm

Look #1 – Leopard print dress

This is a one-shoulder leopard print dress I bought from FEMME Connection last year and I paired it with a black lace bangle.

I actually wear the same pair of shoes with all the outfits, just a simple pair of black suede platform pumps that looks great with anything. I bought them from Rubi Shoes but just a warning – they are not very comfy!

Look #2 – Leopard print skirt

I paired my Zara flared leopard print skirt with a black fitted t-shirt from Cotton On – I’m keeping the look balanced with the simple top.

Look #3 – Leopard print top

This sheer leopard print top from Supre is one of my wardrobe favourites! Styling the leopard print top is the opposite to the skirt, this time, keep the bottoms simple.

For a business chic look, I paired it with a fitted black skirt. And for a casual chic look, I switched to a pair of black high-waisted jeans. Both the skirt and the pants are from Supre (now you know where I like to shop!)

What did you think of this makeup look and fashion tips? Are you also a fan of wearing leopard print? Let me know below!

– Miss Pixie Lulu

Makeup Tutorial – Tiffany SNSD ‘The Boys’ MV


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My last K-pop makeup tutorial was all the way back in August last year (wow that long ago?!?), so of course it’s time for new one!

I asked on my Facebook page about what K-pop looks you guys would like me to do and a few of you suggested SNSD (aka Girls Generation). SNSD is not doubt one of the most popular Korean girl bands and I am a fan of their catchy tunes (love ‘The Boys’, ‘Hoot’, ‘Oh!’, ‘Genie’ and good old ‘Gee’ – ok pretty much all their singles!).

I loved SNSD’s stylish MV for ‘The Boys’ and Tiffany’s sparkly makeup really caught my attention. Even though this look has already been done quite a few times on Youtube, it didn’t stop me from giving it a go and (hopefully) making it my own.

This look is all about glitter and lashes. Shades of brown eyeshadow were used to give the eyes definition and the lower waterline was lined with gold eyeshadow to highlight the area. To add the sparkle, a silver glitter was applied over the brown eyeshadow and a champagne glitter was applied over the gold eyeshadow.

After lining the eyes (remembering to add the ‘double wing’), I used a pair of somewhat ‘natural’ false eyelashes for the top lashes and added clumps of individual eyelashes to the lower waterline. Although the individual lashes were the shortest I could find at the Hairhouse Warehouse, they still looked a bit too long so I gave them a trim with a pair of small scissors.

The look is finished off with a natural pinky beige blush on the cheeks, illuminiser to highlight and a light pink lipstick and clear gloss for extra shine.

Tiffany wears a green and black sequin dress in the MV and the closest dress I have to that is a silver sequin boob-tube dress from Supre. I bought it at the Supre Warehouse and I believe it was under $10 (I also bought the same dress in black). I kept the shoes simple with a pair of patent black peeptoe pumps from Tony Bianco.

I stuck with silver for the jewellery with a pair of silver jewelled chandelier earrings, a silver ‘collar’ necklace (great statement piece!) and a big bejewelled ring – all purchased from Diva.

In the MV, Tiffany has big loose waves which can be achieved by using a large barrel curling iron. As I don’t own one, I curled my hair using my hair straightener. It didn’t come out perfectly as I am not the best at using my hair straightener as a curling tool, but it was not too bad!

This outfit and makeup is perfect for clubbing events! The makeup alone is a great choice for the prom as it can pretty much match any colour dress.

Lastly, if you are a big fan of K-pop and live in Melbourne – don’t forget to check out the autumn HACHIsounds! It takes place at 6pm this Saturday (14/04) and is a K-pop/J-pop concert performed by local Aussie talents. It is a night for everyone to embrace Korean and Japanese music and well as their unique pop culture. Tickets can be purchased at the door – make sure you check out their Facebook events page for more details! One of my friends and fellow blogger Khatsii is an organiser for the event, she has worked very hard so please help spread the word!

Are you a big K-pop fan? Who are your favourite singers/groups? What other K-Pop looks would you like me to do? Let me know below!

– Miss Pixie Lulu

Diva and eQUIP Jewellery Haul


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To celebrate the end of the working week and the start of the Easter long-weekend, I went on a shopping spree at Chadstone Shopping Centre after work last Thursday. Unsuspectingly, I ended up buying quite alot of jewellery, so I thought I’d share my purchases with you all!

Diva was having a ‘buy 2 get the 3rd free’ special – I always get sucked in by these!

This statement necklace ($16.99) immediately caught my attention because of the gorgeous colour combination. It’s a great piece to wear over black and draw attention to the neckline. It would look amazing over a collared shirt too!

I would have to say that this crown headband ($19.99) is probably the most unique headband I’ve ever seen! It really reminds me of ‘Game of Thrones’ (which I am obsessed with by the way!). It’s also surprisingly comfortable to wear because it sits over the head (just like a real crown) instead of across.

I really want to use this for a tutorial in the future…hmmmmm….

I might be a bit behind on the trends but I just realised that ear-cuffs seem to be in fashion right now. I had a hard time choosing one for myself and ended up with this brassy gold spiked ear-cuff. It was originally $12.99 but I got it for free with the ‘3 for 2’ deal.

I can’t wait to wear it – just have to find the right outfit to match!

eQUIP was having a big sale where most of their items were only $5 – all three pieces I bought there were from the sale.

This Azetc-style necklace is a really versatile piece, great to wear with Autumn/Winter attire.

This silver purse necklace is just adorable and it actually opens like a real bag! I love quirky pieces like this and the intricate design is just beautiful.

I actually have the same earrings in a light pink colour (I wore them on New Years Eve) but sadly I’ve misplaced them. These are equally gorgeous and great to wear to glam up a simple outfit!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter! What’s your favourite piece from this haul? Let me know below!

– Miss Pixie Lulu

Makeup Tutorial – Beautifully Bohemian


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Here (finally!) is my blog post on my ‘beautifully bohemian’ makeup look! I blame full-time work for the constant neglect of my blog. As enjoyable as work is – I just feel so drained when I get home everyday that all I wanna do is crawl into bed (which is what I end up doing most nights)!

But I promise to be more motivated from now on! In fact, I am planning to film 2 makeup tutorials over the long Easter weekend and pump out a few more blog posts along the way (wish me luck!).

This makeup look is inspired by a mixture of boho and hippie styles, as well as the gorgeous shades of greens and browns found in nature. I wanted the overall look to feel ‘free-spirited’ but also glam and luxe.

I mainly used brown and green eyeshadow and added a hint of gold in the corners of the eyes. The green eyeshadow on the lower waterline completes the eye makeup beautifully.

To keep the focus on the eyes, I kept the rest of the face simple with some bronzer, highlight and soft nude lipstick.

Being the lazy person that I am, I decided to leave my hair straight for this look but I think it would look better with big loose waves (but hey I don’t have a large barrel curler so there’s my excuse!).

When I think of boho style, I think of headbands across the forehead. I used a thin brown plait headband from Diva and I clipped 3 flowers on one side (flowers are also from Diva). The ginormous brown feather earrings are from Equip – in hindsight I probably should have chosen a different shade for the earrings as these almost blended into my hair!

I painted my nails green with O.P.I’s ‘Green-Wich Village’ and worn two large rings to amp up the glam factor. Both rings are a crazy $4 from Diva when they were having a massive sale (click here to read the full Diva jewellery haul!).

For the boho outfit, I wore a flowy, floral maxi dress I bought from a local clothing store a few summers ago (the tag says ‘Maxim’). It’s one of those dresses you just wanna spin around in. I emphasised the waist with a brown plait belt from Supre (one of my favourite belts that can be worn with all sorts of outfits) and slipped on a pair of brown flower sandals from Valleygirl.

Vests fit the boho style very well and since I couldn’t chose between these two vests –  I wore them both in the video!

Both vests are from Valleygirl (they often have cute vests!) – the denim vest is more stylish whereas the knitted vest is more typically hippie and boho.

And here’s what the outfit looks like with both vests. I think I am leaning towards the denim jacket – which look do you prefer?

Now, time for some gratuitous shots of me looking (or attempting to look) the part of a free-spirited, nature lovin’ bohemian girl.

Here I am with my boho (or is it more ‘hobo’?) doggies – Ebbie and Annie! I love both of their expressions here – eyes closed and taking in the sounds and smells of nature. Nawww…

To finish off, I just wanted to show you guys this photo of me from 2 years ago at my 22nd birthday (please excuse the ‘deer in headlights’ look and the bad quality of my old camera!). I had a bohemian-themed birthday party and this was the look I wore. The ‘beautifully bohemian’ look is just a new and improved version of this 🙂

Are you a fan of the luxe-boho, hippy-chic style?

– Miss Pixie Lulu

Goodies from the UK!


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Early last month, Sam the senior manager at work (bellabox) went on a week-long holiday to the UK. Upon her return she kindly gave everyone a special ‘bellabox’ full of beauty goodies – let’s check out what’s inside!

Percy & Reed Dry Shampoo

I love using dry shampoo on days when my hair needs a little freshening up (not mention it gives instant volume!). My favourite dry shampoo is Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo.

The back of this shampoo says that it has a unique formulation that soaks up excess oil and cleanses the scalp. I’ve used it once – it has a nice, clean smell but I did find it harder to comb out than Klorane.

Cup Cake Mini Wet Wipes

These mini hand and face mini wipes are deliciously strawberry scented and are the perfect size to throw in the handbag/purse.

They are so adorable, I can’t bear to use them!

NARS Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and Makeup Removing Water

As a self-confessed makeup addict, you’d be hugely surprised to hear that I actually haven’t used any NARS products. *GASP*!!

They are both fragrance-free, which is a plus for my sensitive skin. These little bottles will be great to bring along for a weekend away.

Barry M Liquid Eyeliner and Glitter Lashes

I’ve always wanted to try Barry M Cosmetics – I consider them to be the UK equivalent to NYX Cosmetics (please correct me if I’m wrong).

The Liquid Eyeliner is in a gorgeous shade of blue (the same colour as the packaging) and the tip is very fine. I would use this for a fun pop of colour!

The Glitter Lashes is an interesting product I’ve never tried before. It comes with a brush tip which dispenses the glitter, and then you’re meant to apply it to the tips of the lashes for a bit of sparkle. I personally have very straight lashes so I think I will use this on my false eyelashes.

Shu Uemura Glow On Blush

This blush refill is in the shade of Medium Peach (560) – peachy blushes are my favourite! The shade is a little more pink than the peach blushes in my collection and is perfect for spring.

I know Shu Uemura is a really good makeup brand but I have yet to try their makeup (though I do have their famous eyelash curler) so this is a great start!

Spirite Lip Smacker

I personally haven’t seen these in Australia although I have tried the soft drink flavoured Lip Smackers in the tube. I just love how it looks like the lid of a soda bottle – too cute!

Wei Mulberry Leaf 3-in-1 Eye Cream & Clark’s Botanicals Nourishing Youth Serum

There were also these two sample sachets – both brands are new to me.

Wei is a Chinese herbal beauty brand. This eye cream contains mulberry and loquat leaves which helps to brighten the skin. It is also anti-aging with the addition of green tea and soy. Furthermore, seaweed and cucumber works to reduce the appearance of puffiness.

Clark’s Botanicals produce plant-based skincare products and the story behind the brand is rather inspiring – I won’t write it all out but I do recommend you to read about it here. This potent serum incorporates two topical neuropeptides that helps smooth the appearance of lines around the face.

Have you used any of these products? What’s your favourite brand from the UK? Let me know below!

– Miss Pixie Lulu

Makeup Tutorial – Violets and Roses Valentine’s Day Makeup Look


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First of all, my sincere apologies for the lateness of this blogpost, as I filmed this tutorial JUST before I went on my holiday to Thailand and I didn’t manage to write it in time (and life has been so hectic since I got back that I kept putting it off!).

This is a special Valentine’s Day makeup look and as the title suggests, it’s inspired by the beautiful soft colours of violets and pink roses.

Pink is always a romantic colour but it can be difficult to pull off, that’s why it is so much more wearable when combined with the purple eyeshadow. The added iridescent purple loose dust adds that extra bit of magic to finish off the look.

This look is very soft so the key is to blend, blend, blend! Also try and use demi/half lashes (if you are to wear falsies) instead of full lashes to keep the eyes looking subtle and pretty.

I kept the rest of the face simple with a shimmery peachy pink blush, illuminator and pinky nude lips.

PS: In case you’re wondering what outfit I’m wearing in the video, it’s my purple dress from Melbourne Cup last year!

Now a bit about my own Valentine’s Day. I didn’t do anything super special on the actual day because everything is always so over-priced (and over-commercialised) and because I was at work all day.

My boyfriend did send these pretty flowers to my house, which was a nice little surprise to come home to 🙂

We also went to see ‘The Vow’ the weekend before (yes I forced my boyfriend to watch it with me haha). I’ve been wanting to watch it since the trailer came out a couple of months ago as I love both Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum (and romantic movies of course!).

Overall, it was a sweet film but not as touching as I thought it would be. I expected myself to cry (because I am a huge sook when it comes to these sort of movies) but surprisingly I didn’t! And is it just me or does Rachel McAdams always play someone who loses their memory and/or an artist?!?

Did you get up to something special for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear your romantic V-Day stories so let me know below!

– Miss Pixie Lulu