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Here (finally!) is my blog post on my ‘beautifully bohemian’ makeup look! I blame full-time work for the constant neglect of my blog. As enjoyable as work is – I just feel so drained when I get home everyday that all I wanna do is crawl into bed (which is what I end up doing most nights)!

But I promise to be more motivated from now on! In fact, I am planning to film 2 makeup tutorials over the long Easter weekend and pump out a few more blog posts along the way (wish me luck!).

This makeup look is inspired by a mixture of boho and hippie styles, as well as the gorgeous shades of greens and browns found in nature. I wanted the overall look to feel ‘free-spirited’ but also glam and luxe.

I mainly used brown and green eyeshadow and added a hint of gold in the corners of the eyes. The green eyeshadow on the lower waterline completes the eye makeup beautifully.

To keep the focus on the eyes, I kept the rest of the face simple with some bronzer, highlight and soft nude lipstick.

Being the lazy person that I am, I decided to leave my hair straight for this look but I think it would look better with big loose waves (but hey I don’t have a large barrel curler so there’s my excuse!).

When I think of boho style, I think of headbands across the forehead. I used a thin brown plait headband from Diva and I clipped 3 flowers on one side (flowers are also from Diva). The ginormous brown feather earrings are from Equip – in hindsight I probably should have chosen a different shade for the earrings as these almost blended into my hair!

I painted my nails green with O.P.I’s ‘Green-Wich Village’ and worn two large rings to amp up the glam factor. Both rings are a crazy $4 from Diva when they were having a massive sale (click here to read the full Diva jewellery haul!).

For the boho outfit, I wore a flowy, floral maxi dress I bought from a local clothing store a few summers ago (the tag says ‘Maxim’). It’s one of those dresses you just wanna spin around in. I emphasised the waist with a brown plait belt from Supre (one of my favourite belts that can be worn with all sorts of outfits) and slipped on a pair of brown flower sandals from Valleygirl.

Vests fit the boho style very well and since I couldn’t chose between these two vests –  I wore them both in the video!

Both vests are from Valleygirl (they often have cute vests!) – the denim vest is more stylish whereas the knitted vest is more typically hippie and boho.

And here’s what the outfit looks like with both vests. I think I am leaning towards the denim jacket – which look do you prefer?

Now, time for some gratuitous shots of me looking (or attempting to look) the part of a free-spirited, nature lovin’ bohemian girl.

Here I am with my boho (or is it more ‘hobo’?) doggies – Ebbie and Annie! I love both of their expressions here – eyes closed and taking in the sounds and smells of nature. Nawww…

To finish off, I just wanted to show you guys this photo of me from 2 years ago at my 22nd birthday (please excuse the ‘deer in headlights’ look and the bad quality of my old camera!). I had a bohemian-themed birthday party and this was the look I wore. The ‘beautifully bohemian’ look is just a new and improved version of this 🙂

Are you a fan of the luxe-boho, hippy-chic style?

– Miss Pixie Lulu