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I seem to say this at the start of all my recent posts but…sorry for the lack of updates! Guess my previous promise of getting organised didn’t work (sigh!) but I really did have a crazy couple of weeks. I was interstate (Gold Coast and Sydney) two weekends in a row so it was difficult to find time to film or blog 😦

Now getting right into talking about the makeup look! I actually wore this makeup to a birthday party last year and have been meaning to turn it into a tutorial for long time now. This glam makeup look is inspired by the colours of the leopard and coincidentally, goes perfectly with leopard print clothing!

Because this is a dramatic look, I used a darker colour to define my brows. Make sure you prime your eyes well for this look as you want the shimmery eyeshadow colours to really show up strongly. I used shades of gold, bronze and shimmery brown on my lids and lined my eyes with a black gel liner (with a dramatic wing at the end) and also I added a pair of full false lashes. I used a matte beige blush to contour my cheeks and I also contoured my nose for more definition. I finished off the look with carefully applied raspberry lipstick (I used raspberry instead of red because I found red to be too bright)

I also added a fun little fashion segment in this video by showing how to style 3 leopard print pieces – a dress, skirt and top.

I personally love leopard print (I even have a leopard print Snuggie!) because I feel that it can add instant glam and sexiness.

The key to pulling off leopard print is to keep the whole look balanced. Too much leopard print can make you look…well, like a leopard. Although I can probably get away with this crazy outfit in Japan…hmmmmmm

Look #1 – Leopard print dress

This is a one-shoulder leopard print dress I bought from FEMME Connection last year and I paired it with a black lace bangle.

I actually wear the same pair of shoes with all the outfits, just a simple pair of black suede platform pumps that looks great with anything. I bought them from Rubi Shoes but just a warning – they are not very comfy!

Look #2 – Leopard print skirt

I paired my Zara flared leopard print skirt with a black fitted t-shirt from Cotton On – I’m keeping the look balanced with the simple top.

Look #3 – Leopard print top

This sheer leopard print top from Supre is one of my wardrobe favourites! Styling the leopard print top is the opposite to the skirt, this time, keep the bottoms simple.

For a business chic look, I paired it with a fitted black skirt. And for a casual chic look, I switched to a pair of black high-waisted jeans. Both the skirt and the pants are from Supre (now you know where I like to shop!)

What did you think of this makeup look and fashion tips? Are you also a fan of wearing leopard print? Let me know below!

– Miss Pixie Lulu