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Ever since I saw the promo images for Illamasqua’s ‘Theatre of the Nameless’ makeup collection last year, I was enthralled! The makeup was so theatrical, avant garde and nothing I’ve ever seen before – I knew I just had to recreate it.

But I knew this look was going to be a challenge, as the lines are just so precise and perfect (steady hands are a must!) Indeed it did turn out to be the most difficult makeup look I’ve ever done!

After applying a very pale foundation, I concealed my eyebrows using the gluestick method I learned from petrilude (I’ve yet to perfect this!) After that, grab your black liquid liner pen and start drawing on your face!

I roughly marked out the lines using a white eyeliner first and then tracing over it with the black. As my lines weren’t perfectly even, I always cleaned up around the lines using concealer and a concealer brush.

The rest of the eye makeup was quite simple – a shimmery white eyeshadow on the lids, black liner on the top and white liner on the lower waterline, and a pair of dramatic false eyelashes.

I finished off with a bright pink blush and fuchsia lips (lined with black liner of course!)

Although it’s in no way a wearable look, it’s alot of fun to do and can be a unique look to wear to a fancy dress party. I’d love to do more tutorials like this in the future!

What do you think of this look? Would you try it out?

– Miss Pixie Lulu